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Record and edit videos with just one program

SmartPixel is a handy all-in-one video editing software that not only lets you create your own original video clips but also lets you record your screen and even your webcam’s video feed. Developed by Beyond Magic Limited, SmartPixel is easy to use and caters to both beginners and professionals when it comes to its numerous features. If you’re looking for a lightweight and simple video editor that does its job, this is a good one to try.

Tons out there

There are tons of video editing programs out there that are designed for different types of purposes and users. Some are pretty specific with their use and you can tell their theme by observing their features. Most are all-around software that covers a wide range of tools a video editor may need. Some are pretty expensive and are usually for editing professionals, like Adobe Premiere Pro or Wondershare Filmora

Others were made for casual video editors and usually vary in performance and number of offered features. In the case of you needing a simple editing program that’s great for YouTube videos, SmartPixel is a viable option to try. Not only can you edit video clips with it but you can also record your own videos without having to open another program.


SmartPixel has three main modes: Editor, Recorder, and Webcam. The Editor mode is pretty much your run-of-the-mill interface, allowing you to import video clips and add music or other audio clips and even effects on them. Strangely, when you click Import, the program asks if you want to Import And Edit or Upload

Plus, importing videos on the tray doesn’t necessarily string all the videos together in one timeline. You still need to manually join them together. It doesn’t help much that while you get a helpful quick tutorial when you first open up the program, you can’t easily replay them after exiting. 

The Recorder mode opens up a small window that can run simultaneously with the Editor window. It has the basic features of being able to choose what size of the recording screen you want and the Record button, among other things. The Webcam mode is the same, as well—although it will replace the Recorder window.

Simple but it still works

Overall, SmartPixel is quite basic in its features but they are tools you can pretty much expect from a free video editor program. Unfortunately, its whole set-up can be confusing once you start going in-depth with the features and you can’t boot up the initial tutorial again, for some reason. Plus, if you get any network errors, the Effects tab and the Audio tab can turn up blank. This program’s recording performance is great but its video editor can be pretty baffling.

SmartPixel is an easy to use Windows video screen recorder and editor 2 in 1 program for people to create YouTube videos.

SmartPixel software is a Windows screen video recording tool and editing tool 2 in 1 program to help people easily create videos to upload to YouTube. The screen recorder tool has been seamlessly integrated D3D recording mode inside which compatible with all the PC game screen recording as well as webcam and microphone audio recording. It could help people easily record and edit professional videos in 1080P HD high quality. Its powerful features provide extreme easy and fun screen capture video recording experience but cost less CPU consumption and lower disk usage. Thus it is widely used for creating desktop screen videos, tutorial videos, webcam videos, game play videos as well as personalized music videos. It is one of the best video screen recorder and editor program for YouTube videos.

Smartpixel screen recorder has a PIP mode allows user live comment via webcam and microphone during screen capturing. The webcam video recorder even allows home user to music videos via webcam. It could help user input lyrics and remove the original vocal of the song, besides, it provides various video effects to decorate the webcam video. If you are a Karaoke fan or talented singer, Smartpixel is the idea music video tool for you to make personalized music video to upload to YouTube.

SmartPixel video editor might be the easiest video editing software you ever use. With its fast cutting and editing feature, you can be a video editor in a few minutes.It could help editor easily cut, trim, merge video clips by add fast/slow playback section, insert subtitles, dubbing, text effect, background music, scribble painting etc. Almost any ideas you can think of, you can realize in your videos! Furthermore, SmartPixel software has rich effect library including effects, filters, sound clips for the video editors to add more flavor to their video clips. Once the video editing is done, the video clips can be exported with FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other general formats to upload online.


  • Tutorial pops up after first booting it
  • Can do screen-recording
  • Allows Editor mode to be open with other two modes
  • Can upload to YouTube directly


  • Network error can lock the Effects and Audio tabs
  • Tutorial can’t be accessed after the first run
  • No advanced features
  • Controls can be confusing

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    Smartpixel is a very easy to use youtube video editing software for windows.
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